5 12, 2019

Is Your House Vulnerable – What Do Burglars Look For?

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The dark nights are now well and truly upon us, and with Christmas just around the corner, thieves know that people’s houses are full of extra valuables compared to at other times of the year. In this month’s article, we examine how vulnerable your house may be as a potential target, and identify steps you [...]

21 11, 2019

Bizarre Things You Can Actually Get Insured For!

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Buckingham Insurance provides all of our customers with professional, independent advice about their business or personal insurance. Our extensive relationships in the insurance markets means that we can provide tailored cover from the UKs leading insurance companies. But what if your insurance request is a little out of the ordinary? In this month’s Blog, we [...]

4 11, 2019

The Claims Process – What Do The Claims Assessors Look For?

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It is inevitable that at some point in our life, we will need to make an insurance claim, whether it be on your Car, Home or Travel Insurance. If everything goes to plan, an insurance claim is simple and relatively stress free, especially if you take the time to make sure all the information [...]

20 09, 2019

Public Liability Insurance – Why It Is Essential That Your Business Has It

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If you’re self-employed or setting up your own business, the different types of insurance options that you can take out can be quite daunting. What exactly do you need to ensure that you are adequately protected? One of the insurance options is Public Liability Insurance. Unlike Employer’s Liability Insurance, Public Liability Insurance isn’t actually a [...]

19 09, 2019

Why do UK SME’s need to think about cyber liability insurance?

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Cyber crime is on the up.  And while it is cyber attacks on large corporate businesses that attract the headlines, recent research reveals some incredible statistics about how UK SME’s are targeted and affected: 130,000 SME’s in the UK suffered from cyber crime during 2018. Nearly two thirds of all UK businesses employing between [...]

31 08, 2019

The Pitfalls of Travel Insurance – What to Look Out For

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Summer may be drawing to a close here in the UK, but many of us who aren’t tied to school holidays are looking forward to our long awaited break. The suitcases are out, the clothes are in piles ready to be packed and all the important travel documents are safely together. The passports may [...]

29 08, 2019

Rebuild Cost Assessment – the best £100 you could spend on your business?

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All you need to know about rebuild cost assessment Getting the correct rebuild assessment is critical in ensuring you have the right level of insurance. Buckingham Insurance can arrange a RICS approved assessment on your commercial property for just £102 including VAT. As a business owner or manager, you will be well aware of [...]

16 07, 2019

Dashboard Cameras – Will They Save You Money On Your Car Insurance?

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Dashboard cameras have added benefits other than car insurance discounts - they can help to encourage good driving, combat crime and also resolve disputes. Modern technology is having a huge impact on the car insurance world, with things like telematics policies, more commonly known as a black box, connecting driving behaviour with the price paid for cover. Dashboard cameras that give a driver’s view of the [...]

7 08, 2018

6 Reasons Using an Insurance Broker Is Good for your Business

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At Buckingham Insurance we are firmly of the opinion that insurance should not be treated as a commodity, to be bought at the lowest price possible. This approach is damaging to the business world as price prioritised comparison sites commit customers to a ‘one size fits all’ approach, rather than a product or products [...]

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