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Civil Engineering Insurance

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Why do I need Civil Engineers Insurance Cover?

Whether you’re a sole trader, own a small business or are part of a large engineering company, Civil Engineers Insurance can be your life line should disaster strike at work. If your machinery breaks or is stolen, an employee is injured at work due to your negligence, stock you’ve supplied turns out to be faulty or something you’ve designed has not worked, you can face lawsuits. Liability and indemnity claims can not only be costly but time consuming and stressful. A Civil Engineering Insurance Policy with Buckingham Insurance will help you through any claim you may face whether at fault or not.

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How much Civil Engineers Professional Indemnity Insurance do I need?

The amount of cover you need is dependant on the type of jobs you undertake. You should consider the scale of the project and how much money and time it will take to repair if something goes wrong. You should also factor in the cost of legal fees should a claim go to court and any compensation costs you may be instructed to pay. The minimum amount of PI insurance we recommend is £5 million worth of cover, however you should take out as much as you realistically can afford.

Is Civil Engineers Insurance compulsory?

No, it is not compulsory to have Civil Engineers Insurance and it is not a stipulation by the Engineering Council for you to have it. However, if you have anyone in your employment, you will require Employers Liability Insurance by law. You may find that clients will require you to have insurance before they do any business with you and large corporate or government contracts may need proof of insurance before even considering working with you.

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What else should I consider?

It’s important to ensure that all aspects of your business is covered, as well as your Professional Indemnity responsibility towards your clients. Other cover that you should consider includes:

Employers Liability – a legal requirement if you employ anyone, including part time volunteers.
Public Liability – covers your business should a member of the public have an accident at your place of work.
Buildings Insurance – this can cover the physical building as well as any contents you have in it. If your property was to be damaged could you continue business as usual without premises?
Tools Insurance – it’s important not to underestimate the value of your tools. They are often collected over time and can amount to a large sum. If they were suddenly not available to you, could you afford to replace them all in one go and continue business?
Business Interruption – If you have to move premises suddenly or a key member of staff is unable to work, this can cover the cost of setting up in a new location and even cover loss of income in this time.

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Why Compare Civil Engineering Insurance with Buckingham Insurance?

Buckingham Insurance has been providing Derbyshire and South Yorkshire’s manufacturing and engineering businesses with invaluable, trusted advice and service for almost 40 years. We have extensive experience providing advice and cover to the region’s’ consulting engineers.

With a heavy investment in staff training and leading technology, we pride ourselves on competitively priced, quality cover backed up by first rate service. We work closely with our Insurers and can even tailor a policy to suit your exact needs meaning you have cover where you need it and are not paying for cover that you don’t.

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