Construction Plant Engineers Insurance

Construction Plant Engineers Insurance

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Construction plant engineers insurance

Buckingham Insurance Consultants is an independent broker with in excess of 40 years experience in the construction and building trade, providing tradesmen and construction businesses with cost effective, quality cover from a range of leading UK insurers.

Who needs construction plant engineers insurance?

As a construction plant engineer, you will be responsible for ensuring that plant equipment, from diggers to dumper trucks, excavators to cranes and generators to concrete mixers are all working correctly. Whether you are involved in the regular servicing of equipment in a workshop premises or you are on site carrying out critical repairs, its important that you are adequately insured.

What does construction plant engineers insurance cover?

Cover can be tailored to your specific requirements. As a basic starting point, whether you are a sole trader, self employed contractor or running a limited company with premises, tools and employees, you will certainly need construction plant engineers public liability insurance.

Public liability insurance can typically be set and £1m, £2m, £5m or £10m and more can be purchased through an additional cover called an ‘Excess layer’. Public liability covers you against civil claims – whether a member of the public is injured or killed or has their property damaged or lost as a result of something they allege you have done.

If you have employees – even if they are just casual labour or contracted staff, you will need employers liability insurance cover too.

Further extensions and requirements can also be addressed. You may wish to insure valuable tools or stock. If you have a workshop, the premises themselves should also be insured appropriately.

To discuss exactly what’s required for your business, get in touch – we’ll be happy to discuss the nature of your requirements and get a range of quotes that may be suitable.

How much does Construction plant engineers’ insurance cost?

Cost vary depending on the scope of the cover required. So, obviously, if you need a lot of public liability cover, costs are likely to be higher.

Next, the size of your business is usually a factor in the premium that you may have to pay. Smaller firms premium will be calculated based on number or workers and / or employees, whereas larger company requirements will focus on turnover  and wage lines.

In addition, the insurers work with what’s known as a ‘Ratings Factor’ across all tradesmen. This basically grades how big they view the risk to be. Typically, scaffolders are likely to pay more for their public liability cover than a regular bricklayer.

You need to check the exclusions carefully with any insurance policy. Many will have specific exclusions – for example a height limit of 10 metres may be stipulated. So if you were working high up, you wouldn’t have the cover in place. This can be specifically addresses and covered for you, but you can expect an incremental rise in the cost of the cover.

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Buckingham Insurance Consultants has been providing quality insurance cover to tradesmen for many years.  With huge experience and knowledge of the market as well as close relations with a wide range of UK insurers, we can place your insurance requirements quickly and ensure best value.

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