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Contractors All Risk Insurance
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What is Contractors All Risk Insurance?

Also known as Contract Works Insurance, Contractor’s All Risk insurance is for anyone such as builders or tradesmen who are likely to work on construction sites. Primarily, Contract Works Insurance provides insurance cover for the works in progress.

So, if you are a builder and you’ve been contracted by a client to build them an extension, Contract All Works insurance will offer protection to the extension as it is being worked on. You may be a property developer working on a new development. Contract Works Insurance covers the works site as well as any hired-in property and temporary buildings during construction.

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Who might need a Contract Works policy?

CAR Insurance is ideal for anyone who is working on a building project where there is more than one party involved, such as a building manager or home owner. It’s for anyone who is in charge of temporary buildings during construction as well as those responsible for employees who are working on them. It’s ideal for:

  • General building contractors
  • Plumbers
  • Tilers
  • Bricklayers
  • Electricians
  • Joiners & Carpenters
  • Plasterers
  • Heating engineers
  • Double glazing installers

Contractors All Risk Insurance can be bought as short term cover for a specific building project, or annually to cover a range of projects. It covers the ‘contract works’ i.e the structure that is being created. For example, say you’re building an extension; the policy would cover any risks for the extension as it’s being built, but doesn’t cover the existing structure that is already in situ.

What does Contractors All Risk Insurance cover?

There are a few extra factors that All Risk Insurance covers, many of which are different to other kinds of insurance. It’s therefore best to have it in conjunction with your usual Public Liability Insurance policy, because this alone won’t cover any damage to the work on site, or any hired-in machinery or equipment.

Contractors All Risk Insurance will not only cover you against the usual things like flooding, fire, flood, storm damage, vandalism and theft, but it will also offer coverage for construction faults and negligence. It also covers anyone who is transporting equipment to the project site, for example if materials or machinery get damaged in transit.

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