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Factory Insurance

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Get a range of Warehouse and Factory Insurance quotes, including stock insurance, with Buckingham Insurance and get your business on covered in no time.  Our specialist Business Insurance team are here to help with UK enquiries about your warehouse and Factory Insurance needs. So if you need friendly, professional advice and competitive quotes, call us now on 01246 575 625 or use the form on this page.

Competitive Warehouse and Factory Insurance
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Who needs Warehouse Insurance?

Warehouses are imperative in the running and organisation of many business including retailers, wholesalers and distributors. They can also carry the most risk in comparison to other commercial properties. Stock and equipment is often stored in warehouses overnight that can range in value up to thousands of pounds yet Warehouses can be subject to risks like electrical fires or flooding like any other building and your stock needs protecting. Warehouses can be used for various business operations such as storage, offices or administrative storing purposes.

If anything were to happen to your warehouse and it’s contents would you be able to continue business as usual? If the answer is no, then you need Warehouse Insurance, otherwise known as Commercial Combined Insurance which can offer protection for the building as well as its contents.

To get your Warehouse, Factory or Workshop Insured, call our team now on 01246 575 625 for a range of quotes. Alternatively you can contact us through our online enquiry form.

What cover does a Commercial Combined Insurance Policy provide for my UK Warehouse or Factory?

At Buckingham Insurance we understand that every company is different and their needs are different. Therefore, every Insurance policy we arrange is different to reflect this. A typical Warehouse Insurance Policy can include:

Buildings Cover – to protect the physical building against damage from risks such as fire or flood

Contents Insurance – this will provide cover for anything you store in the building like computers or office supplies

Stock Insurance – if you store your stock in your warehouse overnight it will need protecting. If anything were to happen to your stock you could find yourself facing loss of investment and this could jeopardise future earnings.

Public Liability Insurance – to protect your legal liability should a member of the public have an accident in your factory.

Business Interruption – if you are unable to continue you business operations as usual, for example, if your warehouse was damaged in a fire, Business Interruption Insurance can cover the cost of fixed overheads like bills, rent and wages whilst you are unable to work.

Employers Liability – this is legal requirement by law if you have anyone in your employment. This will protect you legal liability should a member of staff have an accident or fall sick as a direct result of working for you.

Money Cover – if you leave any cash on your premises overnight, this can be insured up to an agreed sum.

Tools Insurance – it is important not to underestimate the value of your tools. If you leave any equipment in your warehouse then you should have adequate cover for these.

Goods In Transit – to provide cover for your stock to and from your warehouse.

If you are unsure about what cover you need for your Warehouse, Factory or Workshop, don’t hesitate to call a member of our specialist team on 01246 575 625 now for professional and efficient advice.

What if I leave my Warehouse or Factory empty?

If you are leaving your premise vacant for 30 days or more then you need to notify your insurer so they can alter your policy to Unoccupied Buildings Insurance. Vacant buildings are at higher risk of accidental damage so need additional cover to protect them. If you are leaving your property empty then you should consider taking additional measures to secure it, including:

  • Turning off mains supplies (or setting heating on a timer if it is cold)
  • Securing the doors and windows with approved locks
  • Installing CCTV
  • Notifying neighbors so they can look out for unusual activity
  • Carry out regular inspections of the building
  • Remove a build up of post as this can signify to trespasser that the building is empty
  • Remove valuables from the building and leave safes open

Why Compare Factory Insurance with Buckingham Insurance?

Buckingham Insurance has been providing businesses across Derbyshire and South Yorkshire with invaluable, trusted advice and service for almost 40 years. With a heavy investment in staff training and leading technology, together with good old fashioned close relationships with both our Insurer partners and clients, we pride ourselves on competitively priced, quality cover backed up by first rate service. Not only this, but we can tailor a policy to suit the exact needs of your business meaning that you have all the necessary cover but aren’t paying for Insurance that you won’t need.

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