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Farm insurance – sometimes referred to as agriculture insurance – is a form of commercial combined insurance that allows you to cover a range of assets and protect yourself from a number of liabilities all on a single insurance policy.

Buckingham Insurance work with a range of insurers and can arrange the right insurance cover for your farm.

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What can be included on a farm insurance policy?

A farm insurance policy can include cover for a whole range of assets and liabilities:

Home and farm insurance

If you live on the farm, whether owned or rented, it’s likely that you will need cover for the building and contents, as you would with any other home. This can be included as part of your combined policy.

Farm land liability insurance

However large your farm, you have a potential liability to members of the public who are on your land. If they were to make a claim that they were injured or suffered some form of loss while on your farmland, there is a chance that they may sue you, even when they shouldn’t have been there in the first place.   (Use link to land ins page)

Farm machinery insurance

No matter what type of farming you do, you will have a range of tools and machinery that you use everyday. Some of it may be absolutely critical to your business. As valuable assets, farm machinery and tools should be adequately insured in case of events such as theft or damage.

Farm vehicle insurance

Its likely that you have a range of vehicles on a farm. From quad bikes and tractors through to Land Rovers and your car, it makes sense to have them all covered under a single policy that is easy to administer. A farm mini fleet policy can be arranged that allows for a range of different vehicles and drivers to be protected.

Crop and livestock cover

Your crop and livestock can be protected from a range of risks. Protect your livestock in the event of death as a result of an accident or disease.

Petting farm insurance

It’s not uncommon for farm businesses to diversify these days. It could be that you offer families the opportunity to ‘meet the animals’ with a petting farm. It might be that you have a coffee shop on site. Perhaps you have a shooting range, or a section of river or a lake for fishing. Naturally, you would be well advised to consider what additional risks this presents to your business, and what insurance covers you may need in place to mitigate any claims.

How much does farm insurance cost?

A commercial combined policy for farms is designed to ensure that all aspects of your business are adequately protected. As detailed above, every farm business is different and the wide range of considerations means that no 2 policies will be the same. Comparing cover is important to ensure you’re getting value and appropriate protection. It’s worth speaking to one of our advisors who will be happy to take the details of your farm, and research what policies are available that suit your needs. As a farm insurance broker, we’re happy to talk you through the options, and even recommend which policy is a ‘best fit’ for your requirements.

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