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Small holdings are growing in popularity. A growing interest and concern for the environment has seen growing numbers of people looking at ways to make the most of even just a couple of acres of land to grow and develop crops and livestock. UK Small holding insurance policies are designed to offer those with small farms the protection that they need from a range of liabilities, as well as offer cover for buildings, tools, machinery and vehicles.

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What is included on a small holding insurance policy?

Cover can be arranged for all aspects of your small farm under a single, combined insurance policy. You can choose which insurance covers you need and have a policy tailored to suit your particular requirements.

Home insurance for small holding

Where your home is situated on the smallholding, you can insure it – both building and contents, as part of your small holding insurance policy.

Small holdings public liability insurance

Whether they are meant to be there or not, any member of the public who claims to have suffered injury or loss while on your small holding land could make a claim against you. Public liability insurance for smallholdings protects you from legal costs in the event of a claim, as well as any pay out subsequently awarded, up to the agreed indemnity limit.

Small holding tractor insurance

Running a smallholding means that you’re likely to have agricultural vehicles. Whether its tractors, Land Rovers, quad bikes, a car, or a whole range of different vehicles, they can be covered as part of your small holders insurance policy.

Small holding crop and livestock cover

Livestock and crops can be covered, protecting you financially in a range of circumstances.

How much does smallholding farm insurance cost?

A commercial combined policy for smallholders is designed to ensure that all aspects of your enterprise are adequately protected. As detailed above, every smallholding is different and the wide range of considerations means that no 2 policies will be the same. Comparing cover is important to ensure you’re getting value and appropriate protection.

It’s worth speaking to one of our advisors who will be happy to take the details of your farm, and research what policies are available that suit your needs. As a farm insurance broker, we’re happy to talk you through the options, and even recommend which policy is a ‘best fit’ for your requirements.

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