Social Club Insurance

Social Club Insurance

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At Buckingham Insurance we have over 30 years experience specifically working with Member Owned and Private Social Clubs, extending of course to include Working Men’s Clubs, Sports & Social Clubs, Political Social Clubs & Supporters Clubs We can offer a range of quotes and have you on cover in minutes. Call or email our Social Club experts, Jamie and Lee on 01246 575 625 or contact us using the form on this page.

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Who needs Social Club Insurance?

Social Club Insurance is for any type of a member owned club (or private club) that has a bar and operates a membership (members guest) entry.

What cover does Social Club Insurance provide?

Social Club Insurance will cover you for many incidents that may occur on your premises. Whether it’s a fire from your kitchen, an employee getting a cut washing up the glasses or a member trips over someone elses bag in the bar. In addition, Social Club Insurance should make careful consideration of the type of stack and assets that you’re likely to have on the premises and ensure they are adequately covered. For example, ‘target stock’ such as wines/spirits and alcohol, as well as petty cash and cash that may sit inside the gaming machine overnight. Because of the special structure of a membership club (where, effectively, all members are part ‘owners’) there are a number of special considerations to be made. A policy can be arranged to cover a variety of different risks including:

Public Liability – In the event that a member of the public hurts themselves on the property. This can also require a “Member to member” extension, to cover scenarios where one member may be accidentally negligent towards another.

Employers’ Liability – In case a member of staff is injured or even worse when on the job or as a direct result of working for you.

Buildings/Contents – For both theft, material and accidental damage.

Business Interruption – offering protection for loss of revenue if your business cannot trade due to an insured peril.

Sports & Social Clubs Sports Teams – We can arrange separate quotations to cover group personal accident (loss of earnings) for your sports teams members for accidental injury sustained on the field of play that result in the player being unable to perform their usual occupation and results in a loss of earnings.

Volunteers Insurance – Many social clubs rely on volunteers to be able to function effectively. Whether it’s someone agreeing to man the stall at a fundraising event or working behind the bar unpaid, appropriate cover needs to be in place.

Trustee Indemnity Insurance – Protecting trustees against accusations of bad decision making.

Social Club Insurance can also include cover for:

• Loss of license/registration
• Music and Lighting equipment cover
• Stock
• Target stock (Wines, Spirits & Tobacco)
• Money Cover; Petty cash, games / gambling machine / premises
• Fidelity Guarantee (theft by employee/officer)
• Club Executive Liability / Club Management Liability / Directors & Officers Liability
• Group Personal Accident For Officers, Committee & Employees (often extendable to cover members too)
• Goods in Transit
• Frozen Food cover
• Legal Expenses/Helpline
• All risks cover for Cups/Trophies either owned or in trust to the club.

Insurance claims can be a lengthy and costly process. The levels of compensation instructed to pay out by employers has increased dramatically over the past 10 years and personal insurance claims against members of the public can be extremely costly.

Social Club Insurance can help cover the costs of legal fees and even compensation costs should you lose your claim. Buckingham Insurance can also defend your case all the way to the high court if necessary.

Employers’ Liability is a legal requirement and whilst Public Liability may not be a legal requirement, it could prove disastrous to overlook this element of cover. Many social clubs fail to reopen after disaster strikes. Could you afford to replace all of your equipment should it get damaged? If not, call Buckingham Insurance now on 01246 575 625 to arrange cover for your Social Club.

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At Buckingham Insurance we have 40 years in the insurance industry. We have 2 client handlers – Jamie and Lee who between them have over 30 years experience working exclusively with Social Clubs. We can tailor a policy to suit your needs so you’ve got the cover you need and aren’t paying for cover that you don’t.

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