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Sports Club Insurance

Who is Sports Club Insurance for?

If you run a sports club that facilitates individuals taking part in sports or leisure activities either on its own premises or elsewhere, you should consider the insurance requirements carefully. Buckingham Insurance is a specialist in membership organization insurance, including insurance for sports clubs.

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What insurance does a sports club need in the UK?

Sports club insurance is designed to protect a club and its members from a range of risks. Cover can be tailored to your precise requirements, depending on your clubs particular needs. Typically, when it comes to membership and charity sector insurance, cover is broken down into 2 key elements:

Compulsory Insurance for Sports Clubs

Employers Liability for Sports Clubs

If your sports club has employees, even if only on a casual, part time or voluntary basis, you must have employers liability insurance. This protects the club in the event of a claim arising from a member of the team pertaining to injury or death, as well as loss, damage or theft of their possessions while on club duty.

It could be that a member of the bar staff slip on a wet floor, or a volunteer sports coach being injured and unable to do their regular job as a result.

Employers liability insurance would meet the cost of defending the claim, whether proven or not, as well as the costs of any payout or compensation that is subsequently found to be required.

Motor Insurance for Sports Clubs

Many sports clubs run a vehicle or two. If you have a mini bus or two, or any other vehicles that are used on club business, whether taking players to fixtures or simply moving equipment around, you are required by law to have insurance in place. With a sports club, we recognize that this may mean a number of different drivers requiring cover across a range of vehicles. A single sports club motor insurance policy should not only ensure adequate cover is in place, but also mean straightforward administration, typically on a single policy.

Additional Insurance for Sports Clubs

Public Liability for Sports Clubs (Including member to member insurance)
If you have premises that are open to the public, or your club sometimes undertakes activity in public places, you should consider public liability cover. This simply protects the club from claims made by the general public about an injury or worse sustained either on the clubs’ property or as a result of negligence. It would also cover property damage or loss.

If you run a membership organization, the cover can be designed to cover ‘member to member’ liability, meaning that members are insured individually as members, allowing a claim to be made from one to another.

Buildings and Contents Insurance (Sports Clubhouse Insurance)

Many sports clubs have their own premises. It might be a simple equipment store or clubhouse complete with bar. We can provide adequate cover that reflects your sports clubs’ needs.

Hirers’ Liability Insurance

Many sports clubs’ premises, particularly if they have a community area or bar, will be hired out to other organisations or individuals for occasions. It could be that the local rotary club uses your premises to host their annual bonfire night, or it could be that a separate sports club hires the premises one night a week to host their get-togethers.

Whatever the situation, you need to have adequate protection in place relating to the premises, building and content, stock, staffing and any equipment you effectively sublet.

Loss of license insurance

Running a bar for members and members of the public can be a real bonus when it comes to club coffers! But imagine if something went wrong; complaints from a residential neighbor or an incident in the club over which you had no direct control. The potential loss of license could be devastating. Loss of license insurance protects you from the impact of such a situation.

Stock Insurance including stock deterioration insurance

Protect your stock – including perishables – with stock insurance. If your stock were to be stolen, damaged or destroyed, what might the impact be, particularly if you have a big fundraising event coming up? The disruption can be significant and lead to loss of earnings for the club.

Sports Equipment Insurance

Whether its simply a big bag of footballs, a trailer full of kayaks, or anything else, making sure you have the correct equipment insurance is important. Cover can be arranged for damaged, stolen or destroyed equipment.

Professional Indemnity Insurance

It may be that you have staff – be they full time or volunteers – who offer advice. If that advice is deemed to be ‘bad’ it may be the sports club that faces costly legal proceedings as well as having to make compensation payouts in the event that the claim is proven. Professional indemnity insurance can protect the club in this situation.

Trustee Indemnity Insurance

It’s likely that the club is governed by a board of trustees. Attracting and keeping trustees can be difficult given their potential expose to accusations of wrong doing. Providing cover to them individually, sports club trustee indemnity insurance

Effectively, a sports club insurance policy should include all relevant covers, protecting the clubs assets, members and volunteers as well as any events that they may hold.

Why compare Sports Club insurance with Buckingham Insurance?

Buckingham Insurance Consultants is a specialist insurer for sports clubs and membership organisations. We run our own scheme, Club Safe, as well as having access to a number of additional leading UK insurers, all of whom are ‘3 Star’ rated. Our strong relationships with these providers means we have access to a number of products and options, meaning we can tailor cover that suits your sports club insurance needs accurately.

With over 100 clubs covered annually, our in depth knowledge of the market means we can offer objective, professional advice – something that trustees of a sports club should find attractive given their duties as trustees to act in the best interest of their organization.

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