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If you run a charity, sports club or even a regular business that relies on volunteers either from time to time or regularly, its compulsory by law that you have volunteers insurance in place.

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Who needs insurance for volunteers?

Many organisations employ volunteers from time to time. Most commonly, charities, community groups and sports clubs will be heavily reliant on individuals who are willing to put their time, effort and knowledge into supporting the organization. Recent economic conditions have also seen businesses increasingly looking to voluntary support, highlighting the need to consider this type of cover.

From a legal point of view, volunteers must be treated like regular employees, meaning that organisations are obliged to provide adequate protection should something go wrong.

Beyond the legal stand point, charities have reported significant increases in the number of claims made against them by volunteers. Even if you have employers’ liability cover in place, it’s important to check that it includes volunteers insurance – as well as the scope of their work. Many general policies may not make adequate provision, while charities whose reliance on volunteers may vary should check that they have consistent, adequate cover in place.

What does volunteers insurance cover include?

Volunteers Insurance is designed to cover a range of potential costs, but these lie in two principle areas:

The legal costs that may be incurred in defending a claim from a volunteer.

Even if a claim is ultimately found not to be correct, the legal costs in defending a claim can be significant. A volunteer could claim for injury, illness or even death caused in the course of their activities on behalf of an organization. Additionally, they may be able to make claims relating to loss, damage or theft of their personal possessions. Volunteers Insurance could cover these costs.

The cost of any compensation found to be due to the volunteer.

Where a claim is proven, an organization may find itself liable not only for a compensation payout, but also the costs to provide ongoing care, as well as loss of earnings.

Naturally, all such costs could be significant. Combined, they could be crippling for a business or charity or let alone an amateur sports club. To discuss your volunteers’ insurance requirements, give our team a call now on 01246 575 625.

Why compare volunteer insurance coverage with Buckingham Insurance?

Buckingham Insurance has extensive experience placing insurance requirements for organisations who rely on volunteers. With over 100 social clubs, sports clubs and charity organisations on our books, we’re well placed to find you the right volunteers insurance cover at a competitive price.

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