Learner Driver Changes

Learner drivers are now allowed on motorway in conjunction with new UK road laws.

Learners must be having a lesson with an official instructor and the car must have dual controls. The move is aimed at giving younger drivers the chance to improve their skills and confidence when driving at high speeds.

Road Safety Minister Jesse Norman pointed out that road collisions were still the biggest killers of young people. Currently, young drivers cannot drive on motorways while learning but theoretically can drive on one as soon as they pass their test.

A further change (implemented in December 2017) is that learner drivers now have to learn how to use SatNavs in their lessons due to a rise in crashes as inexperienced drivers are distracted by the screens.

There are now penalties for driving in the wrong motorway lane

You’ve probably seen signs on the overhead gantry of ‘smart motorways’ detailing whether or not a lane is closed or open. However did you know you can be automatically photographed if you break these rules, and fined accordingly – a fixed penalty of £100 and up to 3 points on your licence.

Changes to MOT: Clean diesels are a must

Checking particulate filters is now a requirement of MOT tests. They will also check for visible smoke and evidence of tampering with the filter.

There are also new categories for defects found in cars under MOT:

  • Dangerous – you cannot drive the vehicle until it is repaired
  • Major – major defects, but you may drive your vehicle to a garage to get it repaired
  • Minor – no significant impact on the safety or environmental impact of the vehicle, but get it repaired as soon as possible

There are other small changes which can be viewed on the gov.uk website at https://www.gov.uk/government/news/mot-changes-20-may-2018

Changes to MOT: Some classic cars won’t need one!

We’ve posted about this before, but if you own a car, van or motorcycle over 40 years old and they have not been substantially changed, you may not need to MOT it. You may check the MOT history of your car here.