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Why buy house insurance through Buckingham Insurance Consultants Limited?

These days, it’s pretty easy to get a range of house insurance quotes online. Choosing the right policy can be difficult though. Policies can differ in many ways and it’s easy to miss an important consideration and find yourself either under insured or not covered at all when it comes to making a claim.

By working with an experienced insurance broker like Buckingham Insurance, you get the peace of mind that comes from knowing your particular requirements have been fully understood and addressed through the policy wording.

We work with a range of the leading UK Insurance companies. We can take the hassle and potential misunderstandings out of the purchase. Because the insurer sees that a policy requirement has been checked by one of our qualified personal insurance team, they typically offer attractive rates, reflecting the potentially reduced risk to them. We can pass that on to clients, meaning buying house and contents insurance through a broker can be cost effective.

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House Insurance? Contents Insurance? Or a policy combining the two?

If you own your own property, you’ll need both and it’s almost certainly a condition of any mortgage that you may have that buildings insurance is in place. If you own a flat or apartment, it could be that the freeholder provides buildings insurance as part of the annual ground rent – check the wording that is in place.

There are some great deals to be had when you buy building and contents insurance together, so if the property is yours, its almost certainly looking at a combined policy.

Of course, if you rent, the buildings insurance is probably your landlord’s problem. That leaves you only protecting your own items through a home contents insurance policy.

Already, here, we’ve illustrated a number of variables and potential differences in the house insurance that you might need. Home insurance comparison isn’t always straightforward. If you are at all unsure, why not call one of our personal insurance team who’ll be happy to discuss your precise needs and provide relevant quotes for you.

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