Mid Net Worth Home Insurance

Mid Net Worth Home Insurance

What is Mid Net Worth Insurance?

Do you earn a higher-than-average salary or live in a house that’s bigger and more expensive than is typical for the UK? If so, you could benefit from Mid Net Worth Home Insurance, which takes into account higher-value assets and real estate, and will therefore pay out more if you have to make a claim.

You work hard for your money and have saved and invested wisely in order to enjoy a lifestyle of a certain calibre. Maybe you own a couple of luxury cars and splash out on expensive artwork and valuable jewellery. Your house will probably be stylish, with high-grade electronic goods and sports equipment.
All this makes for a high quality of life for you and your family. But sadly, it also makes your property an attractive target for thieves, for whom almost everything in your house could be quickly converted into cash.

Mid Net Worth Insurance is designed for individuals who don’t consider themselves society’s elite, and yet know they would have a lot to lose if they became the victims of crime – not just in terms of home contents, but also in terms of potential damage to their property.

Key benefits of Mid Worth Insurance

  • More affordable than High Net Worth Insurance policies
  • Increased buildings and contents cover
  • More generous conditions
  • High value assets and collections covered – such as wine, artwork and antiques
  • May be less expensive than you would imagine

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Who needs Mid Net Worth Home Insurance?

To qualify for Mid Net Worth Insurance, you are usually required to own a property in excess of £300,000 or contents in excess of £50,000. If this is your situation, it could be that a standard Home Insurance policy simply doesn’t offer you the payout you would need in the worst case scenario. Mid Net Worth Home Insurance could turn out to be the best investment you ever make.

Professions that most typically require Mid Net Worth Insurance are:

  • Lawyers
  • SME business owners and directors
  • Doctors, surgeons and medical consultants
  • Those working in finance
  • High-end designers and retailers
  • Corporate managers and directors
  • IT specialists
  • Engineers and architects

People working in these professions may be especially valuable to theft and fraud because they own valuable assets but will probably not be taking the security measures of the so-called ‘mega-rich’. For example, they are unlikely to have 24-hour surveillance systems or dedicated security personnel.

If you think you may qualify for Mid Net Worth Insurance, why not give us a call today? One of our experienced, professional team will be happy to discuss your particular requirements and advise you on a range of policies available from our panel of leading UK insurers.

What types of Mid Net Worth Insurance are available?

At Buckingham Insurance we can offer cover to protect a range of assets, whether you’re a family, matrimonial partnership (or equivalent), or Mid Net Worth individual. These covers include:

  • Mid Net Worth Home Insurance
  • High Value Car Insurance

We can also arrange covers for other kinds of insurance that are in line with a higher-than-average income. This might include Travel Insurance and Classic Car Insurance, for example.

A Mid Net Worth policy can be tailored to your exact needs. So if you have a collection of wine, fine arts and antiques, or any other similar valuables, we’ll be able to help get you the right protection.

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