Motorcycle Insurance

Motorcycle Insurance

Compare Motorcycle Insurance in just a few minutes with one of Buckingham’s professional brokers – and find a quality policy to suit your needs

Finding good Motorcycle Insurance can be a frustrating experience. Many online policies look like good deals but actually offer very little in the way of cover when it comes down to making a claim. Plus, it’s normal for motorcyclists to have special circumstances (age, points on their license etc.), which mean they need guidance when it comes to finding quality Motorcycle Insurance.

Whether you ride a scooter, moped, sports bike or tourer, Buckingham offers professional advice from specialists who know the insurance market, can read the fine print of policies, and have experience in the claims process. They can find you a policy to suit your individual needs – whatever they may be.

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Why is it better to find Motorcycle Insurance through a broker?

There was a time when most motorcyclists bypassed brokers and bought their Motorcycle Insurance policies online, because it seemed better value for money. But they only had to make a claim to realise just how inadequate these cheap policies can be. They found the claims process long, complicated and frustrating. Plus, they realised that an inexpensive policy meant that they were often left totally uninsured for in some circumstances that may have been important to them.

At the same time, insurers themselves became wary of online policy buyers, recognising that there may be more disputes at the point of claim. They found the claims process may be much smoother where they had brokers acting as professional intermediaries because a full assessment of the risk had been made. Therefore, UK insurers started being able to offer clients who buy through a broker such as Buckingham Insurance.

The upshot is that going through a professional broker can mean the Motorcycle Insurance policy you end up with is cheaper, as well as better.

Can Buckingham Insurance get Motorcycle Insurance quotes for me?

We have detailed knowledge of the UK insurer market, as well as experience of the circumstances that can affect motorcyclists looking for insurance. This means we know who to go to on your behalf when you’re struggling to find adequate Motorcycle Insurance.

There are many reasons why an online policy – purchased via a one-size-fits-all form – may not address your needs. It could be that you have prior convictions, that you are a young driver – or spend a lot of time driving abroad. You could have questions about the size or brand of your bike – or have a query related to a second-hand motorcycle. All these issues can be discussed and overcome with a friendly, experienced professional.

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Motorcycle Insurance, no matter what your requirements

What if you want to lend your bike to a friend, or take part in a competition?

Buckingham Insurance can also find you a Motor Insurance quote in more unusual circumstances. You might be looking for prestige Motorcycle Insurance, for example –or want a short term insurance policy. The possibilities are almost endless, but thanks to our team of specialist brokers, that doesn’t mean hours spent trawling through the small print of online policies.

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Discounts for Multi Motorcycle Insurance

If you have more than one motorcycle at the same address, you could put them onto the same policy, saving you the hassle of keeping track of multiple renewal dates and researching different quotes. It could work out cheaper, too.

Why not ask one of our specialists to compare Multi Motorcycle Insurance quotes for you? We can search the market and offer you a range of quality options.

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