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These days, many motorhome owners turn to the internet to find insurance – as you’re doing now. However, there’s a big difference between a professional broker with an online presence and a website where you buy your Motorhome Insurance directly, without an intermediary.

In the latter case, the policy will probably be cheap, and may look like a good deal. However, the conditions of your policy may make it effectively useless. When you go through a broker such as Buckingham Insurance, you have a real person on hand who can guide you through the process and ask you the right questions in order to select a plan that’s exactly right for you and your motorhome.

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What is Motorhome Insurance?

We can help you find high calibre Motorhome Insurance for motorhomes of all shapes, makes and sizes – including:

  • Micro motorhomes
  • Campervans
  • Coachbuilt motorhomes (with or without over-cab bed)
  • ‘A’ class motorhomes
  • American motorhomes
  • Japanese ‘Bongo’ motorhomes
  • Van conversions
  • Home built motorhomes or van conversions

Motorhome Insurance differs from standard Car Insurance in several important ways. For example:

Contents cover is minimal on a Car Insurance policy, while Motorhome Insurance can cover your contents for several thousand pounds.

A motorhome needs to be covered against gas and explosion.

Breakdown cover has different requirements for motorhomes, as dimensions are significantly greater than those of a standard car.

Foreign travel cover is usually more limited on a standard Car Insurance policy than a Motorhome Insurance policy.

A standard Car Insurance policy typically offers no cover for awnings and generators. 

Why use a broker to buy Motorhome Insurance?

While it can be tempting to buy Motorhome Insurance directly, this might not give you the full range of cover available with some policies. It can mean that while you do have legal protection, you might only have limited financial protection. As a result, you may still find yourself paying thousands of pounds if your motorhome is damaged or involved in an accident.

If you buy your Motorhome Insurance with the help of a professional broker, you will not only be able to ask questions, you will also be able to benefit from:

Professional expertise. A broker will know which questions to ask you in order to find you a policy that hits the right balance between cover and price.

Wider choice of policy. Each insurer offers slightly different insurance plans and additional covers – which means that the possibilities when purchasing a Motorhome Insurance plan are almost endless. A broker knows who to go to in order to find his or her client a policy that really answers their needs.

Personal service. Not only in choosing a policy, but also when it comes to making a claim, an experienced broker will be able to save you time and trouble, as they know the ins and outs of the process.

In short, a broker may initially seem more expensive, but what you could potentially save in terms of both time and money is well worth the slightly higher premium.

Can Buckingham Insurance get Motorhome Insurance quotes for me?

Our team at Buckingham Insurance have years of experience in helping our clients find Motorhome Insurance for all kinds of vehicles. Our strong and well-established relationships with a wide range of the UK’s leading insurers mean we can offer a premium service at a price that represents genuine value for money.

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