Why use an Insurance Broker?

//Why use an Insurance Broker?

Why use an Insurance Broker?

With the advent of price comparison sites, it has become increasingly easy to log on and get a quote in minutes. However did you know, going through an insurance broker is just as easy? Comparison sites are purely form driven, providing generic ‘one size fits all’ cover. The problem with this is that you as an individual do NOT fit into one category – for us, every customer is different, needing specific cover for their specific needs. By filling in a form, there will always be grey areas that may in the case of a claim mean the insurer will not fork out as much as you needed, or worse, not at all. Typically price comparison websites receive money from insurance companies for offering their products, and many are owned by insurers, giving you a skewed view of the market.


We know the right questions to find out about you or your business. We also find insurance for unique and specialist businesses and are experts at finding policies bespoke to your needs. We can reduce a long and complicated search to one simple phone call.


We have been established for over 30 years and have the experience that only this kind of longevity can provide. We can talk over exactly what kind of cover your business needs.


A myth in the industry is that brokers are more expensive than price comparison. We charge very similar commission as the price comparison sites, for much more service. Furthermore our relationships with insurers give us a lot more negotiating power. If you do get a cheaper quote elsewhere, we will always try to price match, providing the quote is an accurate reflection of your past history in terms of accidents and other mitigating factors.


Friendly and honest service is what you’ll get with a broker, and you’ll never be over or under insured. Brokers are particularly useful for commercial insurance as we will guide you through the whole process, including any claims you make. We will also try to get to grips with your company as much as possible, including visiting you on site, so we are in a position to advise you as much as possible. As mentioned, we are not necessarily more expensive than an online quote for this service, and in a lot of cases less expensive.

Peace of Mind

Insurance brokers handle every part of the process. From making sure you have correct cover, to handling your claim if you have to make one.


Independent brokers are particularly good at specialist or niche insurance too – for example, we at Buckingham Insurance specialise in engineering and manufacturing insurance and our long standing relationships with multiple insurers mean we act on your behalf to find a policy specific to you. Give us a call if there’s something you’re not sure about, or if there’s a policy that you can’t find online – we’re sure we can help, even if it’s just pointing you in the right direction.


We work closely with our clients, making sure we are always providing you with the correct cover. Furthermore, we have long, established relationships with insurance companies and work closely with them meaning you’ll never be out the loop.

If you want to talk about a policy, please don’t hesitate to call us at 01246 575 625. A simple, quick phone call with us is all you need to get coverage. Alternatively, fill out our contact form here.

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