1.  Stop the car and turn off your engine, making sure the hazard lights are on.

2.  Call 999 or 101. If there has been an injury or the accident has blocked the road you should call the police and/or an ambulance as soon as possible. There have also been a large rise in fraudulent ‘crash for cash’ scams, so any evidence for the police would help your case. Dash cams are probably the most effective way to stop you from becoming a victim in these cases, and these days’ good quality ones are very affordable.

3.  Give and collect details – if possible collect names, addresses and contact details from drivers, passengers and witnesses. Ask for and give drivers insurance details and ask if they are the registered driver – if they are not, find out who is. Call the police if anyone leaves and report the accident to them within 24 hours. If you have hit a parked car, leave your details on the windscreen.

4.  Collect as much information as possible. Taking photos is a good idea – get registration numbers and pictures of the cars involved, as well as weather and road conditions.